Agency Based Training

The Institute of Family Therapy offers an extensive Agency Based Training programme. Recently we have delivered courses in both statutory and voluntary sectors.  Shorter agency based training (up to eight days) can be designed bespoke, in collaboration with the agency.


Graduation Ceremony for graduates of the Institute’s ‘Focus on Practice’ course in the Tri-borough area of Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, July 2016.

Longer courses are structured to meet the requirements of the Association for Family Therapy’s ‘Blue Book’ accreditation framework for practice courses, and ‘Red Book’ for supervision courses.   All IFT agency based training is tailored to the agency context.

Some comments received after one of IFT’s Leadership and Management courses……

“One of the most thought provoking courses I have attended in my career.”

”Thank you for a very inspiring course. I feel I have really benefited in terms of work and personal relationships.”

“Our work together has been exciting and inspiring and there is no doubt that the journey will continue….”

Short Courses

The Institute offers short courses in specialist areas of systemic practice. These courses are structured following consultation and planning with the agency and are designed to meet the needs of the agency and staff group.

Action Learning Sets

We offer Action Learning Sets, usually in blocks of six full-day or half-day sessions. Action Learning Sets are facilitated and focused opportunities for (usually) more senior members of an organisation to reflect on the organisation’s practice. An experienced Institute facilitator will agree with the group a number of organisational dilemmas and identify systemic ideas relevant to these dilemmas.

Foundation Courses

The Institute can offer agency based courses designed to address the specific needs of the agency, while meeting the requirements of the Association of Family Therapy’s ‘blue book’ accreditation framework. These courses are typically modelled on the Institute’s Year 1 course with an emphasis on applying systemic ideas to the particular agency work context.

Supervision Courses

The Institute can offer an agency based supervision course, the Diploma in Systemic Supervision for Statutory and Voluntary Sector Contexts, which is built on the AFT ‘Red Book’ and provides a generic supervision training.

This course is 15 days in duration and can be delivered in separate days or blocks, depending on the agency’s requirements.

Leadership and Management Training

We offer short focused courses to introduce overarching systemic ideas that enable Service Managers and heads of Service to interact with team managers and practitioners who are using systemic approaches in their supervision, decision making and practice delivery.

Consultation and Supervision

We offer consultation to individuals, work groups and organisations to help with practice issues. Consultation and supervision are available for practitioners in their work settings. The Institute’s supervisors and consultants are all experienced UKCP-registered Systemic Psychotherapists who have completed an Association of Family Therapy accredited Systemic Supervision training courses.

Contact Us

Please email or telephone Miranda Jankowska, Agency Based Training Administrator on:   020 7391 9150, who will take initial inquiries.