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IFT’s new home

At last IFT has a home to got to!! We are very happy for everyone to know that we will be moving to 1-4 Great Tower Street, London EC3R 5AA. We will be in the heart of the City, very near the Tower of London – (quite a strong legacy of family located there!)  There is a bit of construction work to be done and we hope to be in by late spring.  Do watch out for the announcements of our Grand Opening and an invite to join us in warming our new home.

Meanwhile we continue to locate our ongoing activities in familiar and welcoming places. All the staff look forward to welcoming students, workshop participants and clients to ongoing events as our new home is prepared.


Recent publications by IFT members:

Markovic, D  (2017)  Working with Sexual Issues in Psychotherapy.
A Practical Guide Using a Systemic Social Constructionist Framework.  Palgrave Higher Education.

‘This book is a timely and invaluable resource that will benefit systemic therapists, sex therapists as well as psychotherapists across disciplines. For practitioners torn between manuals and dialogical practices this book is a godsend – an elegant integration of apparently opposing fields of thought and practice’,  John Burnham.

Wilson, J (2017)  Creativity in Times of Constraint.  Karnac.

This is a book full of (realistic) hope and optimism about what might be possible to achieve in difficult times. And what shines through is Jim Wilson’s ability to engage and connect with children, families and colleagues, not just by being sensitive but by also being empathically challenging. It was a pleasure to read.’  Barry Mason.

AGM 2017

The AGM will be held on Thursday, 19th January 2017 at 6.15.  It will be followed by the Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture delivered by Lennox Thomas.

The agenda and further information about the lecture will be emailed to members shortly.

Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture, 2016 given by Dr Barry Mason

Many of you attended the AGM on Thursday 21st January 2016 and enjoyed the Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture given by Dr Barry Mason based on his doctoral, and more recent, research. Barry has kindly provided a narrative account of the lecture which will continue to stimulate and expand our thinking in relationship to physical pain. This adds to the important body of work that Barry has created which has played such an important part in establishing the excellent reputation of the Institute of Family Therapy. We are grateful for his contribution.


I hope this encourages everyone to come to the next lecture which will be on Thursday 19th January 2017.

Members’ recent publications

Chimera, C. (2013) Getting our mojo working – the magic of action methods therapy through a neuroscience looking glass.  Context 126, April 2013

Dring, G.J. (2015) Finding a Voice: Family therapy for young people with anorexia.  London: Karnac

Dear IFT members: Please let us have details of your recent publications.

Summer arrangements at IFT 2016

Further to our email of  21st of June, may we remind members that due to building work access to the building will be restricted from 15th of July and the building will be closed to visitors completely for the month of August.  The office remains open for business by phone and email between 9.30am and 5.00pm each day.

Please also note the lift is out of action from 4th of July for 13 weeks while it is replaced.

We wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer.

Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture January 2014

We were delighted to welcome Hugh Jenkins PhD, former Director of IFT, to deliver the annual Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture at our AGM in January. His presentation was entitled:

Time: the silent guest at the therapeutic table.

Hugh has kindly agreed for the lecture to be available for our members – read and down load his presentation here.

H Jenkins – Robin Skynner Memorial Lecture 14

IFT Members Publications

Gross, V. & Goldin, J. (2008) Dynamics and Dilemmas in Working with Families in Inpatient CAMHS. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Hildebrand, J. & Markovic, D. (2007) Systemic therapists’s experience of powerlessness. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy. Vol.28 No.4, December. p.191-199.

Jenkins, H. (2006) Inside out or outside in: meeting with couples. Journal of Family Therapy. 28. 113-135.

Jenkins, H. (2006) A Rendszer Kezelése: Válogatás egy Család-Specialistától. (Managing the System: Selections from a Specialist in Family Therapy.) Budapest. Animula Publishers.

Littlejohns, S. & Lee, L. (2007) Deconstructing Agnes – externalisation in systemic supervision. Journal of Family Therapy, vol 29, 3.

Markovic, D. (2010) A case of enhancing sexual confidence: both the client and the therapist are the experts.  The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, vol 31, 1.

Perelberg, R. J. (2007) Time and Memory. Psychology.

Wilson, J. (2007) The Performance of Practice. Karnac, London.

Please keep us informed of any books and articles you are publishing.