Code Of Ethics

 1. Introduction

1.1 The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to define the general principles, values and standards of conduct expected of all those connected with IFT in a professional capacity. This includes, in particular, the following groups:

• Trustees of IFT – including Members and co-opted Trustees
• Members of IFT
• IFT tutors
• IFT supervisors
• IFT employees
• IFT clinical associates
• IFT as an organisation

1.2 All of the above groups of people undertake to be bound by the Code of Ethics. This undertaking will be renewed in writing on an annual basis.

1.3 The Code of Ethics should be read in conjunction with the Code of Practice.

2. Values of IFT

All of the above groups commit to operate by the following values:

2.1 Ensure that the wellbeing of IFT’s clients is paramount.

2.2 When faced with an ethical dilemma, undertake the course of action which maximises good and does the least harm. Particular weight should be attached to the rights of those who have the least power.

2.3 Ensure that clients are not exploited in any way.

2.4 Uphold the reputation of IFT and not to act in any way – whether working for or on behalf of IFT or in any other situation – that could bring IFT into disrepute or pose a risk to its reputation.

2.5 Act with honesty and integrity in all dealings with IFT, colleagues and clients and in all matters relating to them.

3. Anti-discriminatory practice

All colleagues, clients, clinical associates and visitors to IFT should be treated
with courtesy and respect and suffer no discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, culture or class.

4. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is of paramount importance and it is expected that members of
the above groups will ensure that they, at all times, respect the need for confidentiality when dealing with matters relating to the work and clients of IFT.

In particular, IFT’s Data Protection Policies 2018 explain people’s obligations and responsibilities and all those working with, or for, IFT should familiarise themselves with the relevant policy.

5. Breach of the Code of Ethics

Whilst it is hoped that contravention of the Code of Ethics will be rare, in the event that a member of one of the groups listed in Section 1.1, above, is deemed to have contravened any element of the Code, action may be taken by IFT in accordance with the Membership Regulations and Complaints Policy and Procedure, as appropriate, or, in the case of an IFT employee, the Conduct and Capability Procedure.

Ratified by Council September 2013
Updated 2018