IFT Membership Regulations

The Institute of Family Therapy (IFT) is a member organisation. There are two categories of membership:

1. Members of IFT

To be eligible for full IFT membership you must:

  • be a qualified Family & Systemic Psychotherapist
  • confirm in writing that you agree to abide by the IFT Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and CPD policy, and reaffirm this agreement on an annual basis
  • be currently practising in the field of family therapy or systemic practice
  • have regular, on-going, supervision for your practice in accordance with AFT / UKCP requirements

2. Honorary members of IFT

2.1 In exceptional circumstances the Institute may wish to grant honorary
membership. There is no fee for this.

This category usually applies to those members no longer delivering
clinical services, but honorary members must agree to abide by the
Institute of Family Therapy’s Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.
Continuing honorary membership of IFT is conditional upon this.

2.2 If an honorary member undertakes clinical work they must inform the Institute.

3. Applications for membership of IFT

3.1 Membership applications will be submitted to the Membership sub-committee for approval.

3.2 If Membership is not granted, the Institute is under no obligation to explain the reason.

3.3 An annual membership fee is payable every January. Although applications for membership are accepted at any time through the year, the membership year runs from January 31st to January 30th, and the annual fee is payable whatever the date of joining.

3.4 Should membership of IFT lapse for more than 3 years, a new application to join must be submitted.

4. Benefits of membership of IFT

Both categories of membership entitle you to:

  • reduced fees at IFT workshops and conferences
  • free attendance at IFT evening seminars
  • use of IFT’s library
  • advanced notification of teaching and clinical opportunities
  • invitations to special IFT members meetings
  • reduced rates for room bookings
  • a vote at the IFT Annual General Meeting

5. Registration with UKCP

5.1 IFT is a member organisation of UKCP and is bound by their rules and
regulations and those of the Independent Complaints Organisation (ICO).

5.2 Full members of IFT are eligible for UKCP registration, but must fulfil the
UKCP criteria.

6. Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and IFT policies

6.1 It is essential that members familiarise themselves with the Code of Ethics, Code of Practice, CPD Policy and any IFT policies relevant to their work.

7. Breaches of the IFT Code of Ethics, Code of Practice, Membership regulations or an IFT policy

7.1 Where it is alleged than an IFT member has breached the IFT Code of Ethics, Code of Practice, Membership regulations or a relevant IFT Policy in respect of the delivery of training or clinical services, a complaint may be raised against them.

7.2 Breach of Membership regulations may result in loss of membership. The process will be covered by the Complaints Policy and Procedure.

7.3 IFT members must inform the Institute at the earliest opportunity about any disciplinary action or complaint lodged against them. This is irrespective of whether the member is also a member of another professional membership organisation.

7.4 A complaint may be made by IFT, an IFT client, an IFT employee, a clinical associate or a person directly involved in the matter to which the complaint refers.

Complaints made by third parties will not be heard.

7.4 Full details of how complaints against members will be heard are contained
in the IFT Complaints Policy and Procedure. This will be used to determine the appropriate cause of action in all complaints made against a member.

The final outcome of any complaints process undertaken in accordance with the Complaints Policy and Procedure will be binding on the member in question.

Ratified by Council, September 2013