Queering gender and sexuality in systemic practice

Amanda Middleton and Maeve Malley

2nd and 6th March

Current contexts for LGBTQ+ lives shape narratives for clients in and out of therapy. The workshops will focus on how systemic therapists can negotiate the hereronormativity and cisnormativity inherent in systemic practice to find ways to create therapeutic relationships with LGBTQ+ clients.

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2nd March – A one-day workshop which considers issues for systemic psychotherapists and practitioners working with adult LGBTQ+ clients

Amanda Middleton and Maeve Malley

The workshop will share knowledge on how systemic therapists can negotiate the heteronormativity and cisnormativity inherent in systemic practice, so to find ways to create therapeutic relationships with LGBTQ clients.  We will think together about if can we can generalise what is helpful or not helpful for systemic therapists in working with LGBTQ clients?  We will also explore the current context for LGBTQ lives and how they may shape narratives for clients in and out of therapy. Looking across the felid to examine our models and when they maybe helpful or unhelpful when working with queer couples and families. This will include how to engage with strength based approaches, queer theory and intersectionality in practice. Finally we will look at Use of Self for queer and non-queer therapists – examining who is it for and who makes the choice?

Maeve Malley is a Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist in an NHS Trust in South-East London. She works currently with adults with mental health problems and those close to them, also with individual clinicians and clinical teams across the Trust. She has worked in a variety of settings – always with adults – in substance use services, eating disorders units, in-patient and community settings, prisons and secure forensic units.

She trained as a systemic therapist, after a variety of other psychotherapeutic trainings, at the Institute of Family Therapy, in London. Her Doctoral dissertation focused on the experience of psychotherapists working with lesbians and gay men; also of the experience of lesbians and gay men in working with psychotherapists.

 Amanda Middleton is a Relationship Therapist at The Pink Practice, trainer and supervisor at Gendered Intelligence and teaches at a range of Family Therapy trainings in the UK.  She thinks a lot about gender and sexuality and her therapy and supervision practice specialises in working within LGBTQ communities. She also has extensive experience in the NHS, social care and substance use services.

She originally trained as a Psychologist in Australia and then as a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist upon moving to London and has recently completed the Supervision training. Her current interests are queer use of self practices, how intersectionality informs therapeutic talk, and systemic approaches to queer therapy.

6th March – Queering gender in systemic practice: working alongside trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people.

This course has been postponed and will be re-scheduled.

Amanda Middleton

This day is an interactive opportunity to explore how you might better work alongside trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people.  We will review key theories of gender across systemic modalities, with special attention on lived post-modernism, youth and gender. Examining how gender is constructed across contexts, including the therapeutic context, will allow for an exploration of identity terms, expansive gender expressions and genders embodiment. Using self reflexivity and relational ethics to underpin our practice, the day will offer pathways to feeling more confident to support trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people and their families.