Supervising systemically

Monday 9th December

John Burnham and Barry Mason

John and Barry have been using systemic ideas in supervision for over 30 years and have written numerous papers about their work. In this workshop they will illustrate their similar and different approaches with an emphasis on practice, theory, the supervisory relationship and the self of the supervisor. The workshop will be of interest and relevance to professionals in a wide range of settings.

The workshop comprises three aspects: theory, practice and self – although the emphasis will be on practice ideas that people can take way to use. John and Barry will both present their similar and different ideas about how they do supervision and the theoretical ideas that inform those practice ideas.  They will offer a number of frameworks for how they think and practice supervision – both in relation to individual retrospective supervision, group retrospective supervision and live supervision. These frameworks and ideas , as they apply to supervision, will include:

  • the Social Graces;
  • Safe Uncertainty and supervision, an equation for change (including how the supervisee is encouraged to experiment with difference;
  • how the supervisor is encouraged to experiment with difference;
  • PPRR (Problems, Possibilities, Resources, Restraints);
  • Relational risk-taking and supervision; the disposition of the supervisor, in particular the taking of a position of authoritative doubt;
  • the supervisor and their ownership of expertise and knowledge;
  • self and relational reflexivity and the supervisory process.

All of these ideas and frameworks will be linked to practice with numerous examples given throughout the day. The interlinking of theory, practice and self will happen throughout the day.

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