Systemic practice in educational settings

28th February

Hendrix Hammond and Juma Woodhouse

At the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT) we have a passion to support professionals working with children and their families, as we believe that educational settings are vital arenas to develop a child’s emotional, cognitive and social capacity. For this reason, we have developed a workshop which will provide practical techniques and ideas that bring about positive changes for pupils, staff and families. By accessing this training you will gain an overview on communication theory and systemic approaches that can be applied to school settings. We will be examining communication theory in detail, by looking at the patterns of communication and techniques to create more collaborative conversations with staff, pupils, parents and other agencies.

Aims of the days

  • You will obtain insight into how we miss each other when communicating and the reasons why;
  • We will examine how communication interactions occur in schools settings;
  • We will look at communication theory as a tool to help us understand the different interactions;
  • You will get an opportunity to practice approaches which will help you manage communication difficulties.

Juma Woodhouse

Juma has a varied clinical experience over 11 years working with adolescence in outreach CAMHS services and secondary schools. He has supported children and families through the social care process as a family group coordinator, as well as more recently facilitating community therapy groups for young adults and long-standing residents of Tottenham, following the 2011 riots.

Hendrix Hammond

Hendrix is the Course Director for years one and two of systemic training at the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT). He has 13 years of clinical experience working in social care, YOT, schools and CAMHS. Hendrix is in independent practices working primarily with conflictual co-parents and adolescents with challenging behaviours. Hendrix is also a clinical supervisor who supervises people working with complex systems. Hendrix is very interested in the use of systemic practices in outreach work in communities. Hendrix can be contacted at:

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