Three helpings of supervision

29th, 30th April and 1st of May

Jim Sheehan, Jim Wilson and Barbara McKay

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29th April: Jim Sheehan

The transformative potential of supervision dialogues

This workshop draws on hermeneutic theories to explore how dialogues at the hear of supervisory relationships carry the potential for transformation simultaneously in the worlds of therapies reported, the world of the supervisory relationship itself and in the personal life-worlds of both the supervisee and the supervisor.

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30th April: Jim Wilson

Creativity in crisis? A systemic orientation to consultation

Systemic consultation is increasingly used in social care and independent settings to enhance creativity and good practice. This workshop aims to help consultants and practitioners look at what really matters and what fires creativity between us. We will explore co-creative possibilities within the consultant position that help sustain our passion in the jobs we do without losing sight of the real challenges faced by practitioners.

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1st May: Barbara McKay

The personal is the professional – using personal turning points to invite a deeper understanding of our professional practices

This workshop invites participants to identify significant moments that they have encountered, both personal and profession. that have had an influence in the development of professional practice. This may bring forth a richer understanding of the ways in which all encounters and relationships contribute to our work.

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