Working Systemically with Family Violence and Attachment Dilemmas: Risk, safety and responsibility

Arlene Vetere and Jan Cooper

January 30 & 31 and 1 February 2019

This three day training will outline Arlene’s and Jan’s systemic safety methodology for safe therapeutic practice with family relationships when violence is of concern. They will explore the management of risk of future violence through no violence contracts and safety planning, understanding of attachment and trauma triggers, de-escalation of arousal, development of empathy and reflectivity; the assessment of risk and the developmental impact of exposure to violence; helping family members take responsibility for actions that harm others and for their safety and the safety of others; and collaborative practices, including moral positioning and in-room consultation and reflecting processes.

Each day will follow the same format: presentation from Arlene and Jan in the morning, with small group discussions; and practice based small group activities in the afternoon – to include: safety planning; tracking an episode of violence; working with corrective and replicative scripts; and in-room consultation. Jan and Arlene will demonstrate how they use in-room consultation and the reflecting process as part of their systemic safety methodology.

Fee: £300